Your Guide to Local Life in Brown County TX

"Feels like home" is Brownwood's trademark phrase - and for good reason.

Brownwood, and all of Brown County, boasts a little taste of everything to entertain visitors and newcomers alike.

More than 50 community events take place throughout the calendar year, including the Brown County Rodeo, RiverFest, Heartland Cruiser Rod Run, Pioneer Days and Christmas Under the Stars just to name a few.

There are also several destinations to visit including the Gordon Wood Hall of Champions, Martin and Frances Lehnis Railroad Museum, Brown County Museum of History and Camp Bowie Aquatic Center.

Brownwood still boasts a vibrant downtown area with the Lyric Theatre as the centerpiece, as well as the Brownwood coliseum and Depot Civic and Cultural Center.

Nestled just 22 miles from the geographic center of Texas, Brownwood can be found on the Wildflower Trail, Texas Forts Trail, the Great Texas Wildlife Trail and the Way Out Wineries Trail.

Additional outdoor activities include golf courses and hunting seasons throughout the year.

The Lake Brownwood Area

Located a few miles north of Brownwood is Lake Brownwood, TX, which caters to lovers of the outdoors. This beautiful area features a shoreline of nearly 100 miles and 537 acres available for recreational activity - including hiking, biking, camping, fishing, swimming, boating and water skiing. If you lead an active lifestyle, living in or near Lake Brownwood will give you all of the options you could ever ask for. Visit the state park, hike the scenic trails, stay in an historic cabin or enjoy the quiet tranquility of a fishing trip. You can get all the joys of the great outdoors while still taking advantage of all the Brownwood has to offer. When you live near Lake Brownwood, the choice is yours!

Early, TX

Early, TX, a small and close-knit community, is located near the center of Brown County. It's a pleasant place to visit and a great place to live, with a focus on benefitting small businesses. If you're looking to settle your family in a comfortable environment with easy access to shopping, entertainment, culture, and nature, you won't find a better place than Early. Everything you could ever want is a short car ride away!

Moving to the Area? Choose Brown County!

Staying in Brownwood, Lake Brownwood, Early, and Brown County provides both visitors and residents the opportunity to take in as much entertainment as desired, or relax at a comfortable place.

The choice is yours!

     -Thank you to our friends at the Brownwood Bulletin and Brownwood Municipal Development for this wonderful article and video. 

Brownwood Bulletin

Brownwood Municipal Development District

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